Custom decorating consultations & painting for cabinetry, fireplaces, furniture & focal walls 

 Adornment is a strong community partner; working with local grassroots charities we donate a portion of every cabinetry job to one of four local charities.  When you work with us, your project pays it forward in the community.

Kitchen Cabinets

Most of the homes in WNY have awesome cabinets.  They are deep and tall.  They are probably just not "in fashion"  due to wood color or type.  Replacing them is expensive and you probably won't be able to afford solid wood.  But what if we PAINT them?!    Painting cabinets is usually JUST 2 TO 3 DAYS project from start to finish, and you can use your kitchen the entire time!  PAINTED CABINETS typically cost a SMALL fraction of what it would cost for new ones! 

A note about price:  Although there are wall painters quoting $500-700 to paint cabinets, that is not realistic.  We do NOT use wall paint.  We touch each door no less than 10 times between thorough prep, priming, painting, top coating, and fine sanding between each coat.  Our paints are high quality, and expensive.  We do multiple layers of top coat for added durability.  We take down every door to ensure it is properly prepped, and painted and rehang them.  Adornment will NEVER be the "cheapest", BUT we are REASONABLE AND WOOD EXPERTS!

Adornment is unique in that we offer different pricing levels.  If you are willing to do the prep work to our specifications (cleaning, taking off doors and numbering them, and taping off the walls around the cabinets) you get an even better price!